Thank you to all our Clients and Partners for your support and great testimonials! 
Best Family Support Program

King & Mayr

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Our service allows our
clients to focus on only two aspects
of their assignment ...

- Work & Family -

... We take care of the rest!


At King & Mayr we specialize and focus on providing ongoing destination services and continuous expatriate support 

for those various aspects that come with everyday life abroad.

Providing our clients with a single point

of contact for the entire duration of

their assignment … we assist, process

and manage everyday matters

from start to finish. 

Our award winning service helps

support business objectives, expatriate needs and overall assignment success.

It offers an affordable way to receive continuous peace of mind.


We are here for it ALL ... Arriving-Living-Leavingᵀᴹ


Headquartered in Germany and with further representation

in the USA, we consider ourselves the Go-To Company

for our client's day-to-day personal administrative affairs,

their mail, bills, insurances and other obligations

outside the workplace.

With 100% client retention and our service concept

being established at the request of US-Military Members and

their Families living and working in Germany, we are experienced in providing our service to one of the most dynamic and rewarding client groups within Global Mobility. 


Business & Industry Awards 2016

"Best Family Support Program"
"Destination Services Provider  of the Year" 

"Best Family Support Program"

“Business Innovation of the Year - Services for individuals”
“Team of the Year in the
Support Area”
"King & Mayr have a clear passion for what they do:
from assisiting assignees to working with their partners, they love what they do."
"King & Mayr's passion for providing full support to clients and their families resonated through their submission."
(Winning Judges Comments)
"Great service - supporting expats and their families."  
   - "Excellent achievements" -

 “Brilliant presentation of an amazing project."    
-  "Excellent"    -    

(Winning Judges Comments)


"How did you impact our stay in Germany?

On more than one occasion your intervention turned a potential disaster into a  "solved  problem". 

"You  singlehandedly  and  significantly  smoothed  over  issues  ranging  from disagreements  with  landlords  to  ensuring  our  contracts  with  German  companies  were  honored  completely (usually  financially  in  our  favor)."

"Over  and  above  fixing  contractual  difficulties  you  earned  our  trust.  You helped make our time in Germany more enjoyable."